Festivus of the Fading

Every year, as the hot summer gives way to cooler days, the harvest is reaped and the leaves fall from their mothers, Solbrar holds the Festivus of the Fading. During the Festivus, many events take place that encourage friendly competition. The Harvest Market invites all those who grow their crops and produce to display their seasonal wealth. Fishermen and traders are also invited to share their greatest “catch” or treasures. Many “skill-offs” are held as well, comparing everything from jewelery to blacksmithing. The main event, however, is, undoubtedly, the Tournament of Tides.
The Tournament of Tides is a voluntary competition. Combatants are given the opportunity to sign up in the first week of the Festivus. Fights take place based on branch selection until a final winner can be declared. Fights are held in the city arena over a period of three weeks to allow time for proper recuperation for succeeding competitors. All finalists are awarded at the Festivus’ closing ceremonies.

History up to Present Day

Many generations ago, Solbrar was run by the humans and elves. They were the nobility of the time, and they fey’ri were their slaves. At some point, the fey’ri rose up against them and took the nobility for their own. They accomplished this by claiming their identities and disposing of the real heirs, either killing them or sending them off to other parts of the world. This secret was highly guarded, and the nobility convinced the other townsfolk that the fey’ri had simply disappeared, moved on. The fey’ri are now nothing more than a legend to the humans and elves of the area.

Today, Solbrar is a well-established, bustling city. It has grown considerably since its infancy. Solbrar sprawls between a copse of trees and the shoreline, at which the ports are highly active. Mainly a fisherman and trader may find wealth from these ports. The enforcement and defense of the city lies in the hands of a civilian-run military. The government is elected periodically by a sort of electoral college, which itself is elected by the people of Solbrar.


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