The Story So Far

La’Vari Varesk has lived a relatively calm and easy life up to this point. He has never had to want for really anything, although his parents and family in general are not overly pretentious in regards to their wealth. La’Vari has a long-standing relationship with his best friend, Bell Galanodel, the only non-fey’ri that knows his secret. They have shared a romance for quite some time now.

La’Vari has now reached adulthood, and he occasionally wonders what else is out there in the world. He’s read the books; he’s heard the tales; but now he wonders about the real thing. He yearns to find his place in the world…and secretly hopes that place might one day be called “hero.”
Currently, he is having some conflicting feelings about leaving home. He would have to leave his family, his mother and father. Not to mention, Bell, whose belief in fighting only for a good cause is hardly akin to the adventuring-type.



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